Daily Vocabulary Update: 3-Feb-2018

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As we know that all competitive exams whether it is Banking or SSC or any, are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays a crucial role to score minimum 4-5 marks within few seconds if you are going to learn Vocabulary on the very daily basis it will going to help you to get that marks easily in your  pocket. So here Daily Vocabulary update provides you with some words on daily basis to help you to attain your goal.

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Daily Vocabulary Update-

1. Tad(Noun)- A small amount of something.

  • SYNONYMS: small portion, small piece, piece, portion, segment, section, part.
  • ExampleGrowth of 3% is perhaps a more tad more realistic.

2.Holistic(Adj)- Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

  • SYNONYMS:  comprehensive, integrated, aggregate, entire, full, total, universal.
  • ExampleThese two books bring a holistic approach to the analysis of transport and transport networks.

3.Jittery(Adj)- Nervous or unable to relax.

  • SYNONYMS: excitable, fidgety, jumpy, panicky, restless, shaky, excitable, fidgety, jumpy, panicky, restless, shaky.
  • Example: Central Office at the moment is a nervous, jittery, uneasy place.

4.Deficit(Noun)- The amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.

  • SYNONYMS: shortfall, deficiency, shortage, undersupply, slippage.
  • Example: Our Government is targeting a lower deficit of 1 percent of GDP for the next fiscal year.

5.Rationalize(Verb)- Attempt to explain or justify (behaviour or an attitude) with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.

  • SYNONYMS: justify, explain, explain away, account for, defend, vindicate, excuse, make excuses for, make allowances for, give an explanation for, provide a rationale for, make acceptable.
  • ExampleThey use all this brainpower to rationalize away problems and feelings.

6. Reimburse(Verb)- Repay (a person who has spent or lost money).

  • SYNONYMS: compensate, recompense, refund, repay, square accounts with, settle up with.
  • Example: The investors should be reimbursed for their losses.

7. Blockchain(Noun)- A system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

  • Example:All Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions must be publicly listed in the blockchain.

8. Contravention(Noun)- An action which offends against a law, treaty, or other ruling.

  • SYNONYMS: breach, violation, infringement, non-observance, breaking, transgression, neglect, dereliction.
  • Example: There were repeated raids by one side upon the other in contravention of treaty terms.

9. Adjudication(Noun)- A formal judgement on a disputed matter.

  • SYNONYMS: arbitration, refereeing, umpiring.
  • Example: The matter may have to go to court for adjudication.

10.Presumptive(Adj)- Of the nature of a presumption; presumed in the absence of further information.

  • SYNONYMS: conjectural, speculative, tentative, suppositional, notional, hypothetica.
  • ExampleA presumptive diagnosis.

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