Daily Vocabulary Update: 23-Feb-2018

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As we know that all competitive exams whether it is Banking or SSC or any other exam, are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays a crucial role to score minimum 4-5 marks within few seconds if you are going to learn Vocabulary on the very daily basis it will going to help you to get that marks easily in your  pocket. So here Daily Vocabulary update provides you with some words on daily basis to help you to attain your goal.

Thought of the day: “Suffering is the essence of Success.”


Daily Vocabulary Update-

1. Constraint(Noun)- A limitation or restriction.

  • SYNONYMS: restriction, limitation, curb, check, restraint, control, curtailment, damper, rein
  • Example: The availability of water is the main constraint on food production.

2. Buck(Noun)- The male of some horned animals, especially the fallow deer, roe deer, reindeer, and antelopes.

  • Example: Hunters selectively cull the does to make more forage available for the bucks.

3. Neonatal(Adj)- Relating to newborn children (or other mammals).

  • Example: Special attention is given to mortality in the neonatal period.

4. Confiscated(Adj)- (of property) taken or seized with authority.

  • SYNONYMS: revitalize, energize, refresh, revive, vivify, brace, rejuvenate, enliven, liven up, perk up, wake up, animate, galvanize, electrify, stimulate, motivate, rouse, exhilarate, excite.
  • Example: The shower had invigorated her.

5. Predominantly(Adv)- Mainly; for the most part.

  • SYNONYMSmainly, mostly, for the most part, chiefly, principally, primarily, predominately, preponderantly, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, typically, in general, generally, usually, commonly, as a rule.
  • ExampleIt is predominantly a coastal bird.

6. Densest(Adj)- Closely compacted in substance.

  • SYNONYMS: thick, heavy, opaque, soupy, murky, smoggy, impenetrable.
  • ExampleAs the storm cleared, a dense fog came down.

7. Contentious(Adj)- Causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.

  • SYNONYMS: controversial, disputable, debatable, disputed, contended, open to debate, open to question, moot, vexed.
  • Example: A contentious issue.

8. Antagonistic(Adj)- Showing or feeling active opposition or hostility towards someone or something.

  • SYNONYMS: hostile, opposed, inimical, antipathetic, unsympathetic, ill-disposed, resistant, averse.
  • Example: He was antagonistic to the government’s reforms.

9. Unconscionable(Adj)- Not right or reasonable.

  • SYNONYMS: unethical, amoral, immoral, unprincipled, indefensible, wrong.
  • Example: The unconscionable conduct of his son.

10. Stipulates(Noun)- Demand or specify (a requirement), typically as part of an agreement.

  • SYNONYMS: specify, set down, set out, lay down, set forth, state clearly.
  • Examplehe stipulated certain conditions before their marriage.

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