Daily Vocabulary Update: 25-Jan-2018

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As we know that all competitive exams whether it is Banking or SSC or any, are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays a crucial role to score minimum 4-5 marks within few seconds if you are going to learn Vocabulary on the very daily basis it will going to help you to get that marks easily in your  pocket. So here Daily Vocabulary provides you with some words on daily basis to help you to attain your goal.


 Vocabulary of the day-

1.congregate= gather, assemble.


    : assemble, gather, collect, come together, flock together, get together, convene, rally, rendezvous, muster, meet, amass, crowd, cluster, throng, group.


2.bemused= confused, lost in thought, puzzled, perplexed, bewildered.


    : bewildered, confused, puzzled, perplexed, baffled, stumped, mystified, stupefied, nonplussed, muddled, befuddled, fuddled, dumbfounded, at sea, at a loss, at sixes and sevens, thrown, thrown off balance, taken aback, disoriented, disconcerted, discomposed, troubled, discomfited, unnerved, shaken, shaken up, dazed, stunned, astonished, astounded



3.metaphors= an object, activity, or idea that is used as a symbol of something else.


    a figure of speech, figurative expression, image, trope, allegory, parable, analogy, comparison, symbol, emblem, word painting, a word picture.


4.doggedly= showing the determination of a person who wants to do or get something and will not stop trying.


    : committed, undeviating, unshakeable, unflagging, indefatigable, untiring, never-tiring, tireless, unfailing, unfaltering, unwavering, unyielding, unbending, immovable, obdurate, strong-willed, firm, steadfast, steady, staunch, stout-hearted.


5.ashore= on land as opposed to at sea.


    on the shore, on the beach, on land, on the land, on dry land, on to land, on to the land, on to the shore, towards the shore, shorewards, landwards.


6.entangle= cause to become twisted together with or caught in.


    intertwine, entwine, tangle, intertwist, twist, ravel, snarl, knot, coil, mat, jumble, muddle.


7.commemorate= recall or show respect for.


    remember, recognize, acknowledge, observe, mark, memorialize, immortalize, keep alive the memory of, celebrate, pay tribute to, pay homage to, honour, salute, toast.


8.flux= the action or process of flowing.


    : trickle, stream, swirl, surge, sweep, gush, roll, rush, welling, spate, tide, movement, motion, transfer, course, passage, current, drift, circulation.


9.unprecedented= never done or known before.


    extraordinary, uncommon, out of the ordinary, unusual, outstanding, striking, exceptional, prodigious, abnormal, singular, remarkable, unique, anomalous, atypical, untypical, freakish.


10.candid= truthful or straightforward.


    frank, outspoken, forthright, blunt, open, honest, truthful, sincere, direct, straightforward, plain-spoken, bluff, unreserved, downright, not afraid to call a spade a spade, straight from the shoulder, unvarnished, bald.

11.crevice= a crack.


    crack, fissure, cleft, chink, interstice, cranny, nook, vent, slot, slit, split, rift, gash, rent, fracture, rupture, breach, perforation.

12.lackluster= dull, lacking in effort or force.


    uninspired, uninspiring, unimaginative, dull, humdrum, colourless, characterless, bland, insipid, vapid, flat, dry, lifeless, listless, tame, tired, prosaic, mundane, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, spiritless, lustreless, apathetic, torpid, unanimated.

13.temptation= the desire to do something wrong, attract someone for doing wrong.


    desire, urge, itch, impulse, inclination, allure, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, fascination.

14.inadvertently= without intention, accidentally.


    by mistake, mistakenly, accidentally, by accident, unintentionally, unwittingly, unawares, without noticing, in all innocence.

15.integrity= honest.


    : good character, principle, principles, ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, nobility, high-mindedness, right-mindedness, noble-mindedness, virtue, decency, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, honourableness, upstandingness.

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