Daily Vocabulary Update: 19-Feb-2018

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As we know that all competitive exams whether it is Banking or SSC or any other exam, are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays a crucial role to score minimum 4-5 marks within few seconds if you are going to learn Vocabulary on the very daily basis it will going to help you to get that marks easily in your  pocket. So here Daily Vocabulary update provides you with some words on daily basis to help you to attain your goal.

Thought of the day: “Be Persist while others are quitting.


Daily Vocabulary Update-

1. Extermination(Noun)- Killing, especially of a whole group of people or animals.

  • SYNONYMS: killing, murder, assassination, putting to death, doing to death, execution, dispatch, slaughter, massacre, genocide.
  • Example: Again the army was sent in with extermination orders.

2. Mediocre(Adj)- Of only average quality; not very good.

  • SYNONYMS: ordinary, common, commonplace, indifferent, average, middle-of-the-road, middling, medium, moderate, everyday, workaday, tolerable, passable, adequate, fair.
  • Example: She can go from mediocre to champion in the space of a couple of sets.

3. Recital(Noun)- A performance of a programme of music by a soloist or small group.

  • SYNONYMS: concert, performance, musical performance, public performance, solo performance, solo, show.
  • ExampleI gave my first recital at the Royal College.

4.  Augment(Verb)- Make (something) greater by adding to it; increase.

  • SYNONYMS: increase, make larger, make bigger, make greater, add to, supplement, top up, build up, enlarge, expand, extend, raise, multiply, elevate, swell, inflate.
  • ExampleHe augmented his summer income by painting houses.

5. Adversary(Noun)- One’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.

  • SYNONYMS:opponent, rival, enemy, foe, nemesis, antagonist, combatant, challenger, contender, competitor, opposer, fellow contestant.
  • ExampleDavis beat his old adversary in the quarter-finals.

6. Barrage(Noun)- A concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.

  • SYNONYMS:  bombardment, gunfire, cannonade, battery, blast, broadside, salvo, volley, fusillade.
  • ExampleHis forces launched an artillery barrage on the city.

7. Deposition(Noun)- The action of deposing someone, especially a monarch.

  • SYNONYMS: overthrow, overturning, toppling, downfall, removal from office, removal, unseating, dethronement, supplanting, displacement, dismissal, discharge, ousting, drumming out, throwing out, forcing out, driving out, expulsion, expelling, ejection, ejecting.
  • Example: An uncanny feeling that she was being watched.

8. Emancipate(Verb)- Set free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions.

  • SYNONYMS: liberated, independent, unconstrained, unrepressed, uninhibited, free and easy, free, free-spirited.
  • ExampleThe citizen must be emancipated from the obsessive secrecy of government.

9. Deteriorate(Verb)- Become progressively worse.

  • SYNONYMS: worsen, get worse, decline, be in decline, degenerate, decay, degrade, degenerate, break down, decompose, rot, putrefy, go bad, go off, spoil, perish.
  • ExampleThe organizations remained under firm government tutelage.

10. Redintegrate(Verb)- Restore (something) to a state of wholeness, unity, or perfection.

  • Example: To redintegrate the Honour and Credit of that exploded Faction.

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