Daily Vocabulary Update: 16-Feb-2018

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As we know that all competitive exams whether it is Banking or SSC or any, are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays a crucial role to score minimum 4-5 marks within few seconds if you are going to learn Vocabulary on the very daily basis it will going to help you to get that marks easily in your  pocket. So here Daily Vocabulary update provides you with some words on daily basis to help you to attain your goal.

Thought of the day: “The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible.


Daily Vocabulary Update-

1. Malign(Adj)- Evil in nature or effect.

  • SYNONYMS: harmful, evil, bad, baleful, hostile, inimical, destructive, malevolent, evil-intentioned, malignant, injurious, spiteful, malicious, vicious.
  • ExampleShe had a strong and malign influence.

2. Enlist(Verb)- Enrol or be enrolled in the armed services.

  • SYNONYMS: join up, recruit, call up, enrol, sign up.
  • Example: He enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service.

3. Demarcate(Verb)- Set the boundaries or limits of or Separate or distinguish from.

  • SYNONYMS: separate, divide, mark, mark off, mark out, delimit, distinguish, differentiate, delineate.
  • Example: Plots of land demarcated by barbed wire.

4. Diffident(Adj)- Modest or shy because of a lack of self-confidence.

  • SYNONYMS: shy, bashful, modest, self-effacing, unassuming, unpresuming, humble, meek, unconfident, unassertive, timid, timorous, shrinking, reserved, withdrawn, introverted, inhibited.
  • Example: A diffident youth.

5. Hegemony(Noun)- Leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others.

  • SYNONYMS: leadership, dominance, dominion, supremacy, ascendancy, predominance, primacy, authority, mastery, control, power, sway, rule, sovereignty.
  • ExampleGermany was united under Prussian hegemony after 1871.

6. Errant(Adj)- Erring or straying from the accepted course or standards.

  • SYNONYMS: offending, guilty, culpable, misbehaving, delinquent, lawless, lawbreaking, criminal, transgressing, aberrant, deviant, erring, sinning.
  • ExampleAn errant husband coming back from a night on the tiles.

7. Dissemble(Verb)- Conceal or disguise one’s true feelings or beliefs.

  • SYNONYMS: dissimulate, pretend, deceive, feign, act, masquerade, sham, fake, bluff, counterfeit, pose, posture, hide one’s feelings, be dishonest, put on a false front, lie
  • Example: An honest, sincere person with no need to disassemble.

8. Emancipate(Verb)- Set free, especially from legal, social, or political restrictions.

  • SYNONYMS: liberated, independent, unconstrained, unrepressed, uninhibited, free and easy, free, free-spirited.
  • ExampleThe citizen must be emancipated from the obsessive secrecy of government.

9. Abeyance(Noun)- A state of temporary disuse or suspension.

  • SYNONYMS: suspend, adjourn, interrupt, break off, postpone, delay, defer, shelve, arrest, put off, intermit, prorogue, hold over, put aside, pigeonhole, suspension, a state of suspension, a state of dormancy, a state of latency, a state of uncertainty, suspense, remission, reserve.
  • ExampleMatters were held in abeyance pending further enquiries.

10. Expatriate(Noun)- A person who lives outside their native country.

  • SYNONYMS: newcomer, settler, incomer, new arrival, migrant, emigrant.
  • Example: American expatriates in London.

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