There is Nothing Impossible to Accomplish!!!

There is Nothing Impossible to Achieve if you Want!

Dear Aspirants,

As a Government job Aspirant, you may face so many hurdles during your preparation phase. Every morning you woke up with the same questions in your mind How will I become a Banker?, How can I achieve my goal? And much more some time you got motivated by your thoughts and sometimes you get demotivated too. You have to overcome from many difficulties that arise off and on in every competition of life. Even one would like a smooth life, but that is not how it is. In reality, one has to deal with all kinds of problems be it financial, emotional or social. The aim to write Article on “Nothing is Impossible to Achieve !!” is just to introduce you to your self that if you think you can then only you can and vice-versa.

Here I am sharing one story many people can relate to it, but they might ignore the essential part just the way we ignore simple lessons taught by life in Everyone’s journey. One day a man was crossing behind the Elephant, all off sudden he stopped, and started watching the elephant with the confusion that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No cage, no shackles. It was quite obvious that the elephants could, at any time, get away from their weak bonds but for some reason, they did not. Then He saw a trainer nearby and questioned to him why these huge creatures just stood there with weak bonds and made no attempt to get away. The trainer replied, “when they are young and much smaller we bound them with same size rope to and, at that age, these ropes are a very strong bond for them so it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up with time, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to get away from these ropes.”

The man gets amazed. These huge creatures could at any time get free from their weak bonds but because of their belief that they couldn’t, they were stuck with the bond.
Same like the elephants, Many of us live our lives with this belief that we cannot do something, or that is not possible for us, Why, simply because we failed to achieve that once or twice before.
So always remember one thing that “There is Nothing Impossible to Accomplish ” God has given us with lots of powers by which we can conquer any of the difficulties of our life. If you want you can definitely. You might be afraid of the quant section because you might have terrified Maths from the beginning and you are living with the belief that you are not good at speedy calculation so you cannot change it into your strength. But have you tried working on it? You’ll never come to know your true prospects until & unless you give your 100% to achieve it. Many Competitive aspirants are afraid of the English section, they have a strong belief that it is next to impossible for them to learn grammar rules and vocabulary, solve puzzling comprehensions, but how many among them have actually tried to working extensively in order to improve it? So friends if You want to get free from all these self-consciousness, You just have to bring your true strength to the competition, and you will be able to conquer this race.

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